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🔸Isn’t it beautiful 
When you smile at people 
You don’t even know,
🔸Isn’t it beautiful 
When you help someone 
Even if the person didn’t asked for,
🔸Isn’t it beautiful 
To tell someone he/she is pretty 
Even if their faces are full of tears,
🔸Isn’t it beautiful 
To bring someone to laugh 
Even if the person feels sad,
🔸And Isn’t it beautiful 
When people are doing the same to you
Just for the reason 
to make each other happy.
Brunei prays for MH17 & MH370

Buat #MH17,

Mungkin aku tak pernah kenal walau sorang pun dari kau,
tapi entah kenapa dia usik perasaan hati ini.
Rasa sedih dan pilu yang tak dapat diterangkan.
Sayu— Perginya kau dan #MH370 amat memberikan kesan.
Pada aku dan negara.
Sekelip mata kau hilang dari dunia.
Sungguh mati tak kira siapa, bila dan di mana.

Moment of silence for MH17 starting now ✈✈ Flag flown half mast . 
Moga Allah—
tempatkan kau bersama mereka yang syahid dan syahidah.

Salam takziah buat keluarga jenazah jenazah.
Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.
Al - Fatihah .  #momentofsilence #MH17 #PrayForMH17 #BruneipraysforMH17 #BruneipraysforMG370 #rememberingmh17 #alfatihah #malaysiaairlines #malaysiaberkabung 😢
Peristiwa bersejarah dibulan Ramadhan

Hari Jumaat,17 Ramadhan, Tahun ke 2 Hijrah. Terjadinya perang pertama didalam Islam iaitu Perang BADAR.

Perang ini ialah Perang yang Pertama berjaya memisahkan antara yang benar dan yang bathil (tidak benar).

Semasa perang ini jugaklah terbunuhnya Firaun UMMAH iaitu ABU JAHAL, Musuh utama ISLAM.

Bersabarlah wahai saudaraKu dibumi PALESTIN. ALLAH sentiasa Bersama Kita.

Semoga Allah selamatkan saudara kita di Bumi PALESTIN..
Let’s take the “unimportant” things out of the picture, and look at this again as humans- NOT members of a religion. On that very basic level, there is a parent, holding their child who is about to die. As a fellow parent, my heart truly hurts and breaks for that father, that mother, that family, the friends who knew the child. That is real pain, real tragedy. Period. 

Now, to explain what I meant about unimportant- its not to disparage those strong religious values held by any religion. I am not saying any religious group is better or worse than any other. Unfortunately, there are horrific stereotypes that a lot of people use when viewing other religions- largely due to ignorance about other religions. Instead of educating oneself, it’s easier to believe what other ignorant people have said, then parrot those insanely wrong perceptions as the only truth. 

If people in America subscribe to the belief that a follower of Islam is a terrorist, it’s hypocritical and ignorant. I present Andrea Yates- a Christian woman, who killed her 5 children because she believed she heard God tell her to. So it should be fair to label christians as child killers, if christians can accuse Muslims of being terrorists, based upon the actions of a few- right? WRONG.  It’s all insanely wrong and heartbreakingly sad.

Of course, religion is absolutely important to those with deep faith. It’s just tragic that ignorance of other cultures causes pain and problems and death to other humans, who are fundamentally good, devout believers in a different religion. It’s ironic that some of the hateful messages on some posts come from a country that guarantees freedom of speech and religion, just before a clause that allows guns. 

That said, Allah says this dunya is like a prison for the believer. Imagine how strong the Palestinians believe, this dunya is worse than a prison for them. May He grant them the highest stations in Jannah as they’re all being murdered at the hands of disgusting, inhumane zionists. Ameen.
Ya Allah..
Jika hari ini ada diantara kami..
Yang sedang sakit, 
Mohon angkatlah penyakitnya ya Allah…
Berikanlah kesembuhan untuknya..
Karena hanya Engkau lah yang Maha Menyembuhkan..

Ya Allah..
Jika hari ini ada diantara kami, 
Yang kesulitan rezki 
Mohon mudahkanlah dan bukalah jalan rizki nya ya Allah..
Karena hanya Engkau Yang Maha Pemberi Rezeki..

Ya Allah..
Jika hari ini ada diantara kami
Yang hatinya sedang susah dan bersedih, menerima dan menghadapi ujian-Mu… 
Mohon Kuatkanlah ia utk bisa bertahan dan bersabar..
Dan hiburlah ia dengan penuh karunia-Mu..
Karena janji-Mu yang tak pernah Kau ingkari..
Setelah kesusahan ada kemudahan..

Ya Allah..
Jika hari ini ada diantara kami
yang sedang ada benih-benih sakit hati di hatinya..
Sombong, iri hati, dengki dan dusta..
Mohon bersihkan dan sucikanlah ya Allah.. 

Ya Allah.. 
Mohon ampunilah segala dosa dan khilaf kami..
Pun jika sampai hari ini ada diantara kami, yg merasa tersakiti dan terdzalimi karena kesalahan kami yang disengaja atau pun yang tidak disengaja..
Bukakanlah pintu hatinya..
Agar memaafkan kami…

Mohon Maaf Zahir dan Bathin pada semua 
Selamat menunaikan ibadah . Ramadhan..
Semoga Ramadhan kali ini bisa menjadi Ramadhan kita yang terbaik..

Aamiiin allahummaa aamiiin..
Allah knows best. 😊
Sanah Helwah to one of the love of my life, my Dk Nur’aisyah! 🎉🎁

'Aisyah, you are now two years old! time really does fly fast doesn't it? And each day you never fail to make us love you even more! 😍 You have grown into this energetic and vibrant toddler. Alhamdulillah!

My darling, remember, life has never promised that it would be easy. There will be bumps and cracks on the road, there will be ups and downs along the way but there will also be happiness and light along that path. Ameen! Trust me, if you have the right mindset and the right attitude good things may come your way. Like Babu and NiUmmi always say, after the storm, there will always be a rainbow, two even! Be positive and think of others. Have faith in Allah and yourselves. Never forget that Babu and Babah will always be there for you, no matter how busy we may seem, you are our number one!

Lastly, it is a time to rejoice that you have remained in Allah SWT’s perfect protection in all forms and ways starting with your health, beauty and intellect. 

Babu and Babah pray that you ask Allah SWT to give you at all times guidance, the ability and desire to follow His guidance (The Quran), wisdom to understand its beauty and its markers, Afiyah which is an all enveloping protection from Him both in this world and the next.

You have many gifts, some you are aware of some you will become aware of as they unfold. Do remember that they are all from Allah and use them in the path of Allah.

We pray for your health, your protection, for your happiness and for Allah to give in your hands His Shifa as true healing comes from Him.

We pray for you to be a practising and an ideal muslimah. May Allah protect you from fitnahs of dunya and aakhirah. May you be a very good source of sawaab to Babu and Babah in the hereafter.

May you always feel the gentle cloak of His Love and Rahma on your shoulders, along with Babu’s and Babah’s.

Again, Happy 2nd Birthday, Dk Nur’aisyah! 😘

Love and prayers for you always!
Babu&Babah 💞
Tak perlulah risau. Kalau Allah dah tetapkan sesuatu untuk kita takkan Allah bagi kepada yang lain. Allah dah tetapkan sesuatu. Terpisahlah hujung dunia pun.

Tapi sekuat mana kita genggam kalau Allah kata bukan dia milik kita tetap bukan milik kita. 

Allah knows the best while you not know.
Long live our Sultan, Allah preserve him and bless him! Our Sultan, who values ukhrawi than duniawi. Our Sultan, who values the law of Allah, even when the world criticizes us. Semoga Allah berikan kekuatan keteguhan ke atas seisi rakyat Brunei Darussalam sekaligus memberi kekuatan ke atas pemimpin kami dalam mengharungi ujian ini. We are one nation. Negara zikrullah menjadi dinding kekuatan kami. Laillahailallah Muhammadur Rasulullah …#bruneiunited #insupportofHUDUD #beautifulBrunei
How do you see the world? Do you look for things you can criticize and complain about? Do you look for people’s flaws and mistakes and try to draw attention to them? Or do you look for the good in people and focus on the positives in the world and appreciate what you DO have?
You choose your attitude and what type of person you want to be - A negative, nasty person or a positive, kind person! 
I choose to see the positives in life and compliment others rather then pick out their flaws and mistakes! Everyone is human, nobody is perfect, nobody has the perfect life no matter how their life seems to you, the world is flawed, we all make mistakes and we all have insecurities! 
What type of person do you choose to be?
Let the others ban/boycott us, as long as Allah doesn’t. Inshaa Allah! We will never back down. Syar’ie was not invented by HM The Sultan of Brunei. It has been around for over 1400 years. it is the law of Allah and we have to practice it and live by it. What they will never understand is that it will never get out of date. Brunei will be safer, inshaa Allah, as it will prevent any criminal activities and will protect our children and generations to come. inshaa Allah!  #insupportofHUDUD #islamistherightway
From HM’s titah for the opening of Syari’e law in Brunei 😊 alhamdulillah. Never underestimate the law of Allah! Allahu akbar!
Inshaa Allah. Redha and tawakkal, most important is have patience. Cc: @fadhilahjali
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